281 – Caught Wet Diapered

Kyle is heading out for a night with the boys, leaving his wife, Aaliyah at home for a few hours to relax by herself. Secretly, she had been waiting for him to leave so she could have some alone time to indulge herself in one of her fantasies. Kyle has no idea that his wife likes to spend her time alone walking around the house diapered and drinking from a sippy cup.

Only, she thought she had time alone. She had just double diapered herself up, filled up her sippy when she hears the door open. Kyle forgot his wallet. However, he found more than just his missing wallet. His wife was standing in the kitchen, in a cute little top, wearing a diaper and drinking from a sippy cup.

Shocked, but not appalled, he questions his wife about why she’s wearing a diaper. Furthermore, why is she wearing two and why is one wet? She was so startled by him coming home, that she stopped paying attention and wet herself a bit. But Kyle, not wanting his wife to be left him alone for the next few hours in a wet diaper offers to change her.

At first she refuses. She wants this to be her thing, not his. He ignores her protests and insists that now that he knows, he’s going to have to be a part of it. If his wife enjoys wearing diapers, then he’s going to have to learn about it too. She continues to protest, but he demands to know where she keeps her supplies so he can change her.

With a fresh, dry diaper on his wife, Kyle finally leaves go hang out with the boys, leaving his wife to finish her night off in a diaper, knowing that when he comes back, he’s probably going to keep her in them in bed too.

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